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Fever Blister Remedies That You Must Know

Fever Blister Remedies

You need to understand what is fever blister first before seeking for fever blister remedies. Fever blisters also known as cold sores are some small red color blisters that most of the time appear on lips and outer edges of mouth, or sometimes other part of the body. Generally they show a clear liquid and after a couple of days it will form scabs. Fever blisters comes from herpes virus that turns active when certain thing triggers them. You need to aware that actually there is no fever blisters or cold sores cures, but there are some fever blister remedies that can help to minimize the frequency and the severity . Fever blister usually appear after fever, colds, too much exposure to sun or stress during menstruation.

fever blister remedies

fever blister remedies

Some may think fever blisters remedies to be a tale but it is actually a reality to others. When using fever blister remedies on lips or any other varieties of canker sores it truly is vital you take safety measure on what ingredients you applying on your mouth sores. Should you be not cautious of the fever blister remedies used you might make your cold sores a lot more uncomfortable and painful. When you are infected with fever blisters, you must avoid foods like grains, peas, peanuts ,chocolate, oatmeal and whole-wheat products. Below are 6 effective fever blister remedies you can refer to.

6 Easy Fever Blister Remedies

1)  The easy fever blister remedies is to always maintain the fever blisters clean and dry. Don’t try to cover them up with cosmetics as performing so will only worsen the fever blisters. Other than that, covering up with thick layers of foundation is not effective as well.

2) Applying fever blisters area with petroleum gel will speed up the recovery process, stay away from cracking, bleeding, and try to reduce spreading. Apply lip balm as fever blister remedies that proven having sunscreen protection will help to avoid making the fever blisters worsen. Take note that most of the times fever blisters attacks are caused by long duration of sunlight exposure.

3) One of the fever blister remedies is putting  tea bags and ice on fever blisters will help if reducing the pain and soreness, and also minimize the inflammation. Tea contained Tannic acid that have natural anti-viral elements that can assist to fight the fever blister virus.

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4) Other fever blister remedies include taking lots of lysine foods and keep away from those that are either high in citric acid or high in arginine. Lysine stops the fever blister virus from replicating and on the other hand arginine keeps them alive. Try to eat more dairy foods and potatoes that are major sources of lysine. Steer clear of or do away with arginine sources like whole grains,  peas and chocolates. Acidic foods are verified to hasten and worsen fever blister, so reduce taking citrus fruits will definitely help.

5) Some herbs such as sage and aloe vera are commonly used and extremely helpful. Just putting few drops of the extract and wait for the anti-viral elements to work on the fever blisters. This is one of the natural fever blister remedies.

6) Of course the most easy fever blister remedies is to visit clinic or pharmacy and ask for doctor-prescribed medicines to put to your fever blisters. Practically all of them alleviate the pain and soreness caused by fever blisters. Nonetheless, although some anti-fever blister medications tell you that they are able to cure your cold sores permanently, don’t anticipate it to really do.

Bear in mind that the fever blister virus normally stay inside the nerve endings for a long period. Other than keep looking for fever blister remedies, the best way to defense against it is to find out what actually cause your fever blister attack. The causes is different for every individuals.

The Best Fever Blister Remedies

When in search of fever blister remedies it is ideal to first check for basic solutions that you simply can apply with natural resources that can easily found within your home. Performing this will most likely save you a trip towards the grocery shop. Many people have apple cider vinegar in their dwelling hence you might need to begin with that fever blisters remedies initially. This fever blisters home remedies are easy to apply and very inexpensive. However a lot of time the fever blister remedies suggested above is not good enough for some individual who have more severe fever blisters.

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